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Tao:   We are…[fans] …ONE
Tao:   We are…[fans] …ONEEEE!!!
Tao: Thank you everybodehh….hurhurhur~~~ *stumble*


New Show Pitch for EXO Entitled, ‘Let Them Rest’


Where all members of the group get to sleep in a comfortable bed for 8 hours a day, hang out with friends, find god or whatever their spiritual lives might lead them, and get to be away from the prying eyes of the world.

Budget/Expenses: $0 — since there’s no need for cameras, coordinoonas, or any sort of crew at all, it’s free :D

Not coming to a TV near you because these boys need their fucking time alone.

jongdae showering tao with love


140727 The Lost Planet - Chen and Tao


Mr. Statuesque



i’m just so worried about EXO rn,and i so bad for them just like you T.T

each of them is exhausted and on top of new injury along w old injuries.sometimes it amazes me how they can still go on tho inside they just want to pass out tbh

Tao just came back from the jungle with a cast on his leg. he…

All i want for them is to have break. I don’t care if they have be on a hiatus just as long as they come back refreshed. 

Sadly, I don’t its gonna happen at this time.

It has been so hard and tiring but great nonetheless, there were so many of you I was thrilled. I’m out of words. I can’t express how touched I am after seeing your efforts, all of you have worked really hard. I’m very happy, thank you for showing me a good time whilst performing in my hometown for the first time ever and thank you for showing your love to all the other members. No wonder they said you’re just like me. These photos are for you ^_^
source: yixing’s weibo | trans: fy-yixing

members being playful and adorkable around an injured baby Tao during rehearsal

unicorns reunited


tao runs onto stage just to hug his mama (●´∀`●)